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How does it work?
In four easy steps

Learn how to Koactt your way to collaboration success in four easy steps, saving time and money in the process.


Setup your brand profile

Whether you’re in the business of fashion or food, jewellery or homeware, start by creating your brand profile on Koactt.

Your profile will help creators learn more about your brand and products whilst searching for the items they require for their creative projects.

People in the office
People in the office
People in the office


Receive requests
from creators

Once your profile is up, your brand will immediately be searchable to all creators looking for the props and products.

When a creator finds an item they need, they can send you a request from within Koactt. The request is sent directly to you and will include information about their creative project, locations, timings, specific items they’re looking to borrow, and how much content they’re willing to share.


Approve creator

When you receive a request from a creator, you will also be able to view their creator profile. This includes a sample of their previous work, Koactt rating and insurance status. If you have any questions or want to negotiate terms with the creator (specific shots, delivery and returns of products etc), you can do this using Koactt’s built-in messaging platform.

If you feel the creator’s project is a good fit with your brand, you can approve their request. Koactt gives you complete control over who you work with. There’s no limit to the number of creators you can work with or the number of requests you can approve.

People in the office


Get content

Once a creator has completed their creative project, you’ll receive the agreed content from within the Koactt platform.

When you receive the content, you’ll be asked to rate your experience with the creator and mark the request as complete.

The content is yours to be used however you like. It can be used in all your marketing, whether it’s social media, advertisements, or magazines. There are no restrictions on how you can use the content.

Get started with Koactt today 😁

Website examples
Website examples